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How do I get my Google Sheets API Key?

Follow the steps below to get your Google Sheets API Key. Google Sheets API is FREE but it has some usage limits.   1) Go to Google cloud console. If you haven’t used the Cloud Console before then Google may ask you to identify your country and agree to its terms of service. Then click
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With our Weather function, you can add weather forecasts to your app. Follow the steps below to set it up. 1) Obtain an OpenWeatherMap API Key. You can utilize the free version.  Go to and Sign-up. 2) After you register, click Sign In again, then click API Keys. 3) Make note of the API Key. 4) Log into
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How To Add Your Stripe API Keys

Stripe enables your app to accept credit/debit card payments. In order to have your app configured to work with Stripe, you have to add your API Keys to your App Manager. To have your API keys from Stripe, just create your account at and once your business account is validated by Stripe you will
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Include Twitter Into Your App With Twitter API Keys

The instructions below will enable you to include Twitter into your app using Twitter’s API Keys.  Once properly configured, your app will automatically be updated with your Twitter posts.   1. Create your Twitter API keys To get Twitter Access keys, you need to create a Twitter Application which is mandatory to access Twitter. 1) Go
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Create a Google Maps Javascript API Key

OBTAINING GOOGLE MAPS API KEY 01) Go to: Then click on the blue Get Started button on the upper right-hand-side and follow the billing part.   02) Create or select A Project: 03) Create a billing account if you don’t have one (this is mandatory):   04) The account is automatically set to the
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Obtain YouTube API Key

OBTAINING GOOGLE YOUTUBE API KEY To create your API key for enabling Youtube videos in the Custom page feature, follow these steps: – Go on – Login or create a Google account. – Click on Project and click on Create project.   – Create your project   – Select “Library” on the left menu and
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Obtain Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud API Keys

Instagram 1. You need an Instagram account 2. Login at 3. Click on Manage Clients (in the header menu at 4. Click on Register a New Client 5. Fill out the fields, for the App Name enter the name of your company or your apps builder, and for the app description just tell
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How to configure Paypal for the M-commerce or Mobile Cart (Shopping Cart) feature?

In this tutorial we are going to see how to set up your Paypal account to enable online payments in the M-Commerce feature and receive payments on your Paypal account.   1) YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT FIRST, If you don’t have a Paypal account, you need to create one. Please go to and sign up for
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