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How come my ads from Admob aren’t showing?

Assuming you already took the proper steps and added the Ad Unit ID’s to your App Manager, it’s important to note that it can take Google up to 8 hours to active the ads (Google will send you a confirmation).  In addition, Interstitial ads appear upon navigation, not between each pages.  That said, you’ll have
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How do I view the Bookmarked Ads in the Classifieds feature?

To view the Ads that you Bookmarked in the Classifieds feature, click the “Show Bookmarked Ads Only” while in Search.  

Smart Ads

Our Smart Ads feature will allow you to display targeted, full screen Ads to your App users based on time of the day, day of the week, operating system, and App version. You can use this feature to notify your users of new features, promotions, or even to force them to update the App to
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Classified Ads (Buy / Sell)

Our Classifieds Ads feature will enable to you to have a local Craigslist-like marketplace app! Your users will be able to post classified ads on your apps just like they would have done on Craigslist. Follow the steps below to configure the Classifieds section in your app.   YOUR CONTROL PANEL 1) Login into your
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How To Add Ads (With Admob) To Your App?

Follow the instructions below to add Admob Ads to your app:   1. Create an adWords account To login to AdMob you need a Google Adwords account. Create one first at   2. Login to AdMob Go to: and create your account after choosing your Adwords account.   Click on “Apps”, then Click “ADD APP“:  
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