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How do I share, invite, or add someone as an admin on my Apple (iOS) Developer Account?

Use the steps below to invite us to be an Admin to your Apple Developer Account. 1) Apple accounts requires to have the 2 Factor Authentication activated on Developer Accounts but only for the owner of the account. Therefore we will add a new member to the Apple account. Log in App Store Connect account, then
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How do I use the Padlock Pro (Permissions) feature?

The Padlock / Permissions Pro feature enables app admins to lock pages or group of pages based on different user roles. An example would be a school needing special permissions for Students, Teachers, and Parents.   FEATURES: * Lock single / multiple menus / features * Assign a Single page or Multiple pages to a User
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How do I login to your website?

To log into our website or to access to your App Manager, click the “Account” link at the top-right of this website. To go directly to your App Control Panel login click here.      

How to compile an iOS app and create a .pem certificate

Create the items related to the developer account with which you are going to publish You have to create a CSR file and an iOS Distribution certificate. And you will be able to use these items for all of the next apps you will have to publish under this developer account –> keep them preciously
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