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How does the App Manager look?

We handle the maintenance, hosting, and security aspects of your app. In addition, we provide our customers with a powerful App Manager platform that enables them to edit and update almost all aspects of their app. You only have to make a single change to update both the iOS and Android versions of your app.
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How does an app user check to see if their app is up-to-date or force an update of their app?

When major features are added or a code update was performed, often your app will need to be updated in the respective App Store in order for the app to work properly. To check for or force the update of an app, the App User can tap 5 times on the Page Name of “My
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How come my ads from Admob aren’t showing?

Assuming you already took the proper steps and added the Ad Unit ID’s to your App Manager, it’s important to note that it can take Google up to 8 hours to active the ads (Google will send you a confirmation).  In addition, Interstitial ads appear upon navigation, not between each pages.  That said, you’ll have
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What is the difference between your Support and Service Subscription services?

Our Support Subscription service covers support, maintenance and updates to your app and/or website, and republishing your app. Our App Service Subscription service covers payment for your app.  The Service Subscription includes Support. For additional information click here.  

How do I disable 2 factor authentication for my iTunes Connect account?

Click the link below if you need to temporarily disable 2 factor authentication on your Apple iTunes Connect account:   NOTE: Be sure to enable 2 factor authentication when the process that is being conducted is completed.    

What coding/programming languages and frameworks do you use in your apps and App Manager?

Below you’ll find a list of some of the various frameworks and coding languages that we use in our applications and App Manager:   FontAwesome Bootstrap CKEditor CodeMirror Chart.js DataTables nestedSortable prettyPhoto jQuery UI SweetAlert AngularJS PHP Zend Framework Ionic Cordova Browser Insomnia MusicControls AdMob Pro AppEvent App Version BarcodeScanner Camera Hot Code Push Device
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Can I add additional features to my app after the design is complete?

Yes, all of our features are available to you during the life of your service subscription. Click here to open a Support Ticket to have a feature added to your app. Please note that certain features are reserved for commerce apps. Click here to see the detailed list of features.      

If you create an app for me, will my app be GDPR compliant?

Yes, apps created by us are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant per the rules set forth by the European Union.      

How do I login to your website?

To log into our website or to access to your App Manager, click the “Account” link at the top-right of this website. To go directly to your App Control Panel login click here.      

How do I open a Support Ticket?

Click here to open a Support Ticket.  You can also open a Ticket by clicking the “Account” link at the top of the website. Please note that you must be logged-in to open a Ticket.  Click here to login. Only current customers can open a Ticket.  If you are not a customer (or a customer
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