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How to get your Google Sheets API Key?

Home Documentation How To How to get your Google Sheets API Key?

Follow the instructions below to obtain your Google Sheets API Key.


(01) Go to the Google Cloud Console. If you haven’t used Cloud Console before then Google may ask you to identify your country and agree to its terms of service. Then click on Agree and Continue.


(02) If you already used the Cloud console before then click on Select a project from the menu bar and then click on New Project.


(03) In the Project Name field, enter the name of the new project, for example GS2TABLE and click on Create.


(04) Now click on a menu icon (three dashes in the upper left corner) and click on APIs & Services > Dashboard.


(05) Now check that your project is selected and click on Enable APIs and Services.


(06) A page with all API services will be opened. Search for Google Sheets API there and click on it.


(07) Click on the Enable button.


(08) Now select Credentials from the left side menu.


(09) Now click on Credentials in APIs & Services.


(10) Now click on CREATE CREDENTIALS and select API Key.


(11) Now in few seconds your API Key will be displayed on your screen.


(12) Copy the API Key and paste it in the appropriate section in your App Manager.


(13) Get your Google Sheets ID & Name, and set the Permissions for your Spreadsheet.

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