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How does the App Manager look?

Home Documentation Frequently Asked Questions How does the App Manager look?

We handle the maintenance, hosting, and security aspects of your app. In addition, we provide our customers with a powerful App Manager platform that enables them to edit and update almost all aspects of their app. You only have to make a single change to update both the iOS and Android versions of your app. In addition, with our App Manager almost all changes are instantaneously visible in the live app, and you can send Push Notifications to your app users.

Each app feature contains a unique set of options and settings.  However, the below screenshots will give you a broad overview of the Manager:



The main App Features section… This is where you select the App Page that you want to edit.

App Features Screenshot 01



The Colors section enables you to easily change the colors of the various sections in your app.

Colors Screenshot 01



The Design section enables you to easily change your app’s layout, background image, language, and font type.

Design Screenshot 01


Design Screenshot 02


Design Screenshot 03



The Application section enables you to change the apps’ name, app icon, navigation icon, and splash screen.

Application Screenshot 01


Application Screenshot 02


Application Screenshot 03



The Publication section enables you to enter the app name, description, and keywords that should be used when it’s time to publish your app to the App Stores. In addition, this is where you add your Admob advertising ID’s if you’re looking to add Google Admob to your app.

Publication Screenshot 01


Publication Screenshot 02



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