How to configure Paypal for the M-commerce or Mobile Cart (Shopping Cart) feature?

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In this tutorial we are going to see how to set up your Paypal account to enable online payments in the M-Commerce feature and receive payments on your Paypal account.



FIRST, If you don’t have a Paypal account, you need to create one. Please go to and sign up for free.

Your Paypal account must be “Premium” or “Business”.

Below is what you need to set up PayPal in your mobile app:

  • Paypal API username
  • Paypal API password
  • Paypal signature

The process is simple but need some requirements. First open and log-in.

Under your name make sure your status reads: Verified. If your account isn’t verified you have to follow PayPal’s steps to get your account verified.



From the PayPal menu, go to your profile:


Select Profile and Settings from the top-right-hand corner of the screen:


Next, select My Settings Tools:


Under API Access, select Update from the middle of the screen.


Select  NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) near the bottom of the screen.


Note the API Username, API Password, and Signature.

If you are adding your credentials to your App Manager yourself, follow the instructions in Step 3 below.



Go to your App Manager.

1) While on the website, click Account, then App Manager.

2) Select your app, then on the left-hand-side of the screen click Features.

3) Click Shop (or whatever the app page of your shopping cart is titled).

4) Click Stores >> Manage Content >> Click the edit icon next to your business.

5) Scroll down to the Payment section and click PayPal. Enter the credentials you just got from PayPal… Then click “Save”.


That’s all!


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