Bug Affecting The “Colors” Function In The App Manager [Resolved]

We’re aware of the bug that’s affecting the “Colors” function in the App Manager (that’s generating an error and preventing the colors and CSS from being changed).  This was the result of a number of new features we released this week. We’re working around the clock and hope to have the patch released on Monday/Tuesday.

For new customers, this issue is preventing your app for being completed because we can’t add the final layer of colors or update a bunch of CSS to improve the look and feel of your app (among other things).  In addition to a lack of communication.  As a result, we’re slicing the cost of your app in half!  Whatever our agreed upon cost of creating your app it’s now half that amount.

As stated, we’re looking to have everything back to normal no later than Tuesday (hopefully Monday).  Once all is well, we’ll push the color and CSS changes to your respective apps.

Thank you for your patience.



UPDATE 12/10/18; 11:50 am EST:

The issue is resolved… Updating the server now.  Will post back when all is well.


UPDATE 12/10/18; 2:45 PM EST:

Issue fixed.