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Android API Changes/ New Features Update

Due to Google now requiring all new Android apps to utilize API Level 28 (Android 9) by August 1st of this year, we have to shift our attention to focus on the requirement. Below is the statement from Google:

Android 9 (API level 28) introduces a number of changes to the Android system. The following behavior changes apply to all apps when they run on the Android 9 platform, regardless of the API level that they are targeting. All developers should review these changes and modify their apps to support them properly, where applicable to the app.

For changes that only affect apps that target API level 28 or higher, see Behavior changes: apps targeting API Level 28+.

For Google’s complete statement, click here. Consequently, the following new features that we were working on will be postponed until after the Android update is completed:

  • Newswall (Comments)
  • Fanwall
  • Custom Pages (New “Audio” button component and Source Code function)
  • Radio / Audio

Since we are taking care of everything on our end, their is nothing that you have to do. All of your apps will be compliant prior to Google’s deadline.