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All New “Social Wall” Feature / Updates And Bug Fixes 07/06/19


We updated our platform core to match Google’s Android SDK API Level 28. By August 1st, all new Android apps needed to meet SDK API Level 28. By November 1st, all updates of Android apps needed to meet SDK API Level 28. All client apps are now compliant (when republished). See this link for additional information:

If you have an Android app, it’s very important that you have your app republished. Click here to open a Ticket. Below are a number of other changes that we made:

  • Fixed Music Controls native plugin for Audio/Radio.
  • Added Ionic Webview to use latest Chrome/Android WebView.
  • Added back Geofence native plugin.
  • Added Custom Tabs support for further usage & improvements.
  • Added ignore battery optimizations permission for Audio/Radio background playing.


Today I am pleased to announce our all new Social Wall feature!

The Social Wall feature will allow you to create a place in your app where your users will be able to interact each other. Since this feature is highly customizable, you can use it as a simple wall of news or as an advanced “Facebook-like” feature.

It’s very important to note that if you currently have the old Comments (Newswall / Fanwall) feature in your app then your app must be republished (since the old feature have to be removed and the new one added). The old Comments feature has be deprecated (no longer used or supported). Click here to open a Ticket.

Complete documentation on the new Social Wall feature can be found here:

  • New design with list / card option.
  • Sticky posts.
  • Likes & Comments with images.
  • Recent, Nearby, Map, Gallery.
  • User posts.
  • Flag/report posts & comments.
  • Delete own comments.
  • Custom navigation header icons.
  • Toggle Nearby, Map, Gallery, User post, Likes & Comments



  • Fixed list button not visible on small screen resolutions.


  • Fixed locations not saving correctly.


  • Fixed wordpress API test when saving settings.


  • Deprecated and replaced by the new Social Wall.


  • Deprecated and replaced by the new Social Wall.