We’re Integrating The OneSignal SDK For Push Notifications

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In an effort to improve our Push Notification functionality and to correct Push Notification compatibility issues with the latest versions of Android, we are integrating the OneSignal SDK with our Push Notification service.

We will update our servers to utilize OneSignal on February 18, 2024. 

OneSignal is the world’s leading Push Notification application.  Integrating with OneSignal will enable countless benefits of Push Notifications. This includes an increase in app open rates, keeping users engaged, driving user retention, and ultimately enhancing the user experience.  

To continue to utilize Push Notifications, all app owners that utilize our service must obtain a OneSignal account. The good news is OneSignal is free to use. If your app does not utilize Push Notifications you do not need to obtain a OneSignal (or Firebase) account.

In addition to obtaining a OneSignal account, to continue to utilize Push Notifications you must also obtain a Firebase account.

Firebase is a backend app development platform that is backed by Google. Firebase provides the database that OneSignal utilizes. Like OneSignal, obtaining a Firebase account is free of charge.

Although OneSignal and Firebase provide numerous benefits to an app owner, setting-up these platforms to work with your app is a very technical process (click here for instructions).

Due to the technicality required to configure OneSignal and Firebase, we will configure the OneSignal and Firebase account and connect it to the app of all of our current customers (as of today) that are currently actively using our Push Notification service.  We will provide this service free of charge. If you are not currently actively utilizing our Push Notifications service you do not qualify for the free setup service.

After February 18, 2024, to have us configure your app to work with OneSignal and Firebase to continue using Push Notifications, please open a Ticket on our website. If your Ticket is not opened within 30 days after February 18, 2024 you will no longer qualify for the free service.

If you do not qualify for our free setup service and/or do not have an active Support Subscription, the cost to have us configure your app will be $19.99.

ADMIN NOTE: We had to push the upgrade back two additional weeks due to additional code adjustments being needed.

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