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Below is a laundry list of features that were added, and bug fixes. As always, your app must be republished for most of the improves to be utilized in your live app. In addition, due to certain improvements, your app may load a little slower when first opened today. After the initial app opening, all will be well. Feel free to open a Ticket to report any issues.


  • Added the App Tracking Transparency dialog to match latest Apple requirements.
  • Updated AdMob SDK to match latest Apple requirements.


  • Updated Android target API to level 30 to match Google play requirements.


  • Changes iOS compilation requirements message to Xcode 12.5 – macOS Big Sur.


  • Implemented a new bubble system on the carousel icons to show pending actions.
  • When previewing a feature in the App Simulator, the icon will have a tiny information bubble on the top right corner.
  • Size of the App Simulator haas been increased to allow for better content flow.
  • Fixed momentjs library loading to preload the correct locale when available.


  • Fixed contact phone button not working.


  • New Product Reviews feature.
  • New ability to send order information to WhatsApp after order is made.
  • Added Geolocation for Store… Store Edit page allows you to add geo location of stores. Some countries was having issue with pointing out exact location with full address.
  • Added ability for Geolocation for customer address to be enabled from settings tab. This enables the user to select geolocation for delivery in checkout process.
  • Product price is not showing/cropped when product picture are hidden.
  • Translation fix for Order status and few more string include this sentence Product $1’s available stock is $1. Please remove $3 quantity to continue.
  • Horizontal scroll on categories for store list page fixed (iOS).
  • No strike on Original price when Sale price is enabled fixed
  • Fixed confirmation email app name starting with a capital letter.
  • Delivery Radius issue fixed
  • Fixed time delay increased while typing discount code.
  • Added a Checkbox to autofill delivery and invoice address if they are the same.
  • Fixed ability to edit customer info/delivery address in App Editor and it saves for all orders as opposed to the one particular order.
  • Added ability to for business address to be linked to Google Maps for navigation.
  • Added “Taxes in Price” settings to be reflected on sale price at all places.
  • Fixed bug: Product Options modal not closing
  • Fixed bug: Now showing “Prices From” on Product Options model.
  • Added translations for order email subject & Product option modal “Add to cart” button.
  • UI fix for location in store view is disabled, it now also hide location icon etc.
  • Printer receipt format setting added
  • Added option to Skip Cart Page.


  • Fixed mailto: mail buttons not correctly opening.
  • Fixed: Text blocks erasing each other when editing an existing Custom Page.


  • Completely removed Facebook login option from My Account.


  • Icons used to add new app pages inside Folders now matches the general icons.
  • Fixed blank/error page when adding a feature inside a folder.
  • Fixed features names not completely showing (only the feature name was displayed).


  • Fixed missing line return for textarea fields, in both editor results & e-mails.


  • Fixed App tracking transparency function not correctly displayed on iPad.


  • Fixed the layout CSS to make it completely responsive, and preserve the square buttons.


  • Fixed the layout’s CSS to make it completely responsive, and preserve the round buttons.


  • Fixed side-effect with my account fields preventing order to save customer information.
  • Fixed side-effect with my account fields preventing guest orders to work.


  • Improved loyalty program & stripe credit card information design, to match latest UI changes.
  • Added a new action to delete user account, user can access it in My account > Settings.
  • Added a new information System version that shows the app version used when the APK/AAB/IPA was generated. To see this information user/owner must access the debug mode by tapping 7 times on the App version.
  • Required fields are now also validated when user edit his/her account.
  • Fixed birthdate selector not responding.
  • Fixed birthdate not correctly saved.
  • Fixed custom fields from features not correctly displayed when a code was duplicated.
  • Added missing translations on the settings section.


  • Reduced default map zoom from 10 to 8.
  • Added a default zoom option to override the new default value.
  • Fixed the place title never updated inside app.
  • Fixed default zoom values causing map crash.


  • Fixed random push payload that never reached phones.
  • Fixed silent/blank push not silented.


  • Removed the stream check on app init to improve performance & loading, it is now checked when saving from the feature.
  • Added a default/fallback background.


  • Improved social sharing library and * Enables the ability to share from webapp.


  • Added a new post share option.
  • Fixed double a href / links double encoding leading to incorrect external URI links.
  • Enables the ability to create new post with only images from editor.
  • Enables the ability to create new post with only images from app.
  • Added an option to enable user post moderation, posts awaiting approval or rejection will be visible in the feature user profile.
  • Implemented the bubble system for posts awaiting moderation.
  • Lightboxes for images are now grouped by post.


  • Added the user role in the list.


  • Fixed weather API not working due to OpenWeatherMap latest changes.

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