Updates And Bug Fixes (02/02/2023)

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Upon first opening your app, you may have noticed a slight delay in the app loading (during the initial opening). This is the result of quite a few updates and additions that we’ve been loading to the server over the last couple of weeks. Below is a breakdown of the improvements.


  • Added a new option allowing users to write private notes on every single place.

Custom Page

  • Fixed custom icon overlap with text on buttons.


  • Added missing translations.

App Manager

  • Fixed a reg ression from 4.20.35 cf: Incorrect SMTP configuration in some cases, resulting in fatal errors.
  • Fixed incorrect color of icons going black instead of the default blue.


  • Fixed an issue with dates & days in the iOS datepicker with the blocked days option.
  • Fixed an issue where the flag for the mobile input field was not working.
  • Improved the readability of the PEM file status and errors.


  • Updated Google API Billing to version 5.
  • Fixed an issue where the mediation sdk for facebook and start.io were not correctly removed from sources when disabled.
  • Updated start.io SDK to 4.10.2 to ensure Google privacy compliance.
  • Fixed an issue where some special characters are not allowed for the keystore/keypass for APK/AAB.

My Account

  • Fixed an issue with phone picker flag not always loading.
  • Fixed an issue with the label not responding to tap/click on firstname.
  • Fixed mobile input flag to default to GB instead of non-existing EN.
  • Added a missing translation for the button Register.


  • Fixed an issue where within the same session, when a connected user logs out from the app and creates a new account, the previous account was modified instead of creating a new one.


  • Fixed and improved security of generated passwords in the apps, and App Manager.


  • Fixed bug: discount amount not getting deducted from total
  • Discount code with no validity date will be accepted
  • Now Payment method Paypal will working with additional/seasonal/age rate charges
  • Fixed bug on cart screen when booking with multiple days for products with Format
  • Fixed bug on booking pro cart when placing order for product having sale price with discount code
  • Fixed store description display issue of not reflecting color or centering the text in App
  • Now cart will reflect the product’s updated price if item price updated from editor after user added it to cart.
  • Based on setting, showing distances as Km or Miles


  • Added Background Image Option
  • Now, Staff can create a ticket for themself
  • Fixed bug: any user can re-open any closed ticket
  • Added option to edit department from app side
  • Fixed issue of displaying invisible department in app


  • Fixed freezing issue on search screen, when visiting search page after profile toggle location setting
  • Fixed a bug ‘few profile pic not displaying on search results’
  • Allowed adding/Editing Group Icon to each group
  • Admin can upload photo while adding/editing group
  • Added photo will be visible in app side wherever group name is displayed

Awesome Forms

  • Fixed issue of showing repeated data in email & pdf when a form is submitted in case of same field name
  • Fixed horizontal scroll issue on data list screen for iOS app.
  • Improved AwesomeForm page load time when accessing from CRM


  • Fixed bug in displaying datetime in the task list after accepting/self assigning a task
  • Now refreshing the task list upon self assigning a task


  • Fixed issue to make Invisible Option working

Padlock Pro

  • Fixed a bug, module not loading in case of no users in the app


  • Fixed labeleling and also owner-side update translation key
  • Removed the red line warning from the back-office and added on the front-end
  • Updated all app colors and backgrounds managed from the owner-end and fixed English translation lines.
  • Updated when changing the question type the question option data will not be removed.
  • Fixed question indicators button color and background set from the editor.
  • Fixed In the Exam module special characters are not displayed correctly on the Exam Results page.
  • Added the functionality if the admin set some Pinned questions in the exam list then Pinned questions show on the top of the exam list.
  • Fixed unanswered page displays the current DatE/Time.
  • Fixed question title Break line.


  • New feature‚Ķ More info to come.

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