Updates and Bug Fixes (02/05/18)

I’m truly excited to announce the following new features and bug fixes below.  A few customers were awaiting some of them for a while – especially the audio features! It’s important to note that to take advantage of many of the changes (specifically the audio & folders additions), your app must be republished.



  • Fix: Fixes an issue showing only the first Set-Meal when two or more were used.



  • Fix: Search by location & distance.



  • Add: Adds more actions & shortcuts
  • Add: New user interface
  • Fix: Fixes media player controls & mini-player when navigating in app
  • Fix: Fixes player not working on iOS 11+.



  • Deprecation: Folders v1 is now deprecated & disabled in favor of the new Folders v2.
    • Note: Apps using old Folder will still be able to view/use/edit it. However, to take advantage of the new features, a new Folder must be created, and move the old contents to it. In addition, the app have to be republished.
  • Add: Option to configure individually each folder layout/design/cover
  • Add: Better UI/Nesting manager
  • Fix: Fixes layout 9 navigation
  • Add: Ships with 6 layouts / 2 designs (Card/List)
  • Add: Instant browsing between folders/subfolders



  • Fix: Fixes inclusion of min/max values, taking account units & floating points.



  • Fix: Updates AdMob plugin for Android/iOS to use latest required SDK.



  • Add: Adds partial iPhone X support, fullscreen, safe inset margins.
  • Fix: Fixes default NS*Descriptions texts not loading for new Applications (source code).
    • Note: In order to take advantage of the new orientation & descriptions, the app must be republished.
  • Add: Adds customisable fields for various NS*Descriptions used in apps.
  • Add: Adds settings to set orientation locks for iPhone & iPad.
    • Note: You’ll find orientation settings in the Control Panel: Settings > Advanced



  • Fix: Fixes template modal not opening when creating a new Application.



  • Fix: Fixes offline payment checkboxes not working.
  • Fix: Fixes payment method checkboxes that can’t be un-checked.



  • Add: Adds missing translations for the iOS sources settings.