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Games / Arcade

Looking for an arcade app or want to give your app users another reason to keep using your app? If so, entertain your users with our Games feature!

By far, games are the most utilized app category in App Stores. Our arcade allows you to provide your app users with multiple high quality games in a single app! The arcade includes games from all genres: sports, casino, strategy, action, and word games.

With our Games feature, the arcade in your app will keep getting better because we’re continuously adding new games. In addition, you can generate revenue from your app by adding ads via Admob!


Frequently Asked Questions

How many games will my app possess?
Our arcade currently has 24 games. We add at least one new game every 2 weeks.

When you offer a new game do I have to pay an additional fee to use it in my app?
No, you do not have to pay for new games. All new games will be announced in the News section of our website. If you want the respective game added to your app simply send us your request by opening a support Ticket.

I don’t want my app to have all of the games that you offer. Can I select the games I want (or don’t want)?
Yes, upon us completing your app, simply let us know the game(s) you want removed.

Is there a leaderboard in the Games section?
No. But some games will “hold” your highscore in the system cache (for a period of time).

Are the games multi-player?
Most aren’t but some games have a multi-player option (i.e. the Master Chess game).

Are the games available offline?
For most games, if you’re already playing a game and then go offline you’ll be able to continue playing and will be able to restart the game (with the restart option in the game). However, if you’re offline already you won’t be able to start a respective game.